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Last Update: February 11, 2014

Show Archive-17 "Portraits of Addiction and Hope" Santa Barbara, California

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Addiction and Art Show Archive

A compilation of information about past shows.

TVSB Gallery Presents SafeLaunch's

"Portraits of Addiction and Hope"

Santa Barbara, California

January-March, 2014

"Portraits of Addiction and Hope"


A view of the show.


"Portraits of Addiction and Hope", an introspective and deeply moving exhibit created by 21 teens and 29 people in recovery is on display through March 2014 at the TVSB Gallery, 329 South Salinas St., Santa Barbara, California. Understanding that 90% of addiction takes root in adolescence, SafeLaunch's show depicts addiction stories of persons in recovery through the eyes of the teen artists, illuminating the subjects in a profound light.

Editor's note: this intriguing exhibit concept needs to be repeated with teens and persons in recovery across the country - in any available venue. Bravo SafeLaunch!

Download SafeLaunch Portraits of Addiction and Hope Book.pdf


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