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Last Update: March 23, 2011


Welcome to the Addiction and Art Website

Addiction and Art

Image of Addiction and Art Book

edited by:
Patricia B. Santora,
Margaret L. Dowell,
and Jack E. Henningfield
Published By:
The Johns Hopkins University Press

Click here for further information and book sales.

Recipient of British Medical Association "Highly Commended" Award in Psychiatry Category, September 14, 2011.

Image of Addiction and Art Book


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A PEEK inside the

Addiction and Art Book

Thanks to The Johns Hopkins University Press
we have permission to provide you with a peek inside
the Addiction and Art Book - Art and Comments by the Artists.

More art from the book can be seen at JHUimages on flickr

Zero Refills Left


0 Refills Left
by Derek S. Cumings

"Some will not see the juxtaposition if they only see medication as a tool of help. I hope most see medication as the double-edged sword it has become. Why don't we secure medicine cabinets half as well as gun cabinets?"

I'm Dying for a Smoke.


I'm Dying for a Smoke

by Marie Balla.

"The one addiction society is numb to is tobacco smoking. 'Death sticks,' 'cancer sticks,' 'tar fix' are all slang terms I've learned from cigarette smokers. Maybe it's the very slow, internal, unnoticeable effects of nicotine addiction that seem angelic in comparison to meth or coke addiction?"

Hands of Recovery


Hands of Recovery
by Sam T. Barnes

"Practicing orthopedic surgery supports my sculpting materially; whereas sculpting is one of the mainstays of my spiritual life. The power of a spiritual life began to dawn on me nine years ago when I began working the 12 steps of recovery. ... I find that the hard work and sometimes the mystery of the foundry—a process I refer to as 'art-reco' (short for art recovery)—supplies me with the balance my life needs."


The Addiction and Art Book has 61 more addiction related art works
with comments and stories by their creators.

We thank The Johns Hopkins University Press for letting us have this peek into the book.

More art from the book can be seen at JHUimages on flickr

If you would like to use excerpts or artwork from the book please contact
The Johns Hopkins University Press with your request. Either fill out their online reprint request form at:

or send The Johns Hopkins University Press an email at with all the necessary details.
It could take up to 30 days to receive a response.



British Medical Association Honors Addiction and Art Book

with "Highly Commended" Award in the Psychiatry Category

September 14, 2011

British Medical Association Award

The Addiction and Art book (Patricia B. Santora PhD, Margaret L. Dowell PhD, Jack E. Henningfied PhD, The Johns Hopkins University Press) received an award of "Highly Commended" (Psychiatry Category) in the 2011 British Medical Association's Book Awards Ceremony held September 14 in London.

The British Medical Association represents more than two thirds of practicing physicians in the United Kingdom. The association's annual book competition encourages and rewards excellence in medical publishing from around the world.

You can see the other books selected by the BMA here.





Addiction and Art Book Reviews


Metapsychology Online Reviews

Addiction and Art Book

Review by Christian Perring

Feb 28th 2012 (Volume 16, Issue 9)

We are proud to report that the Metapsychology Online Reviews website, which concentrates on reviewing books related to behavioral healthcare, is featuring a review of the book, Addiction and Art.

The review, written by Christian Perring, Professor of Philosophy, Dowling College, New York, opens with the content and purpose of the book. Professor Perring goes on to also discuss the relationship and interplay between Addiction and Art, the book, and the Addiction and Art website.

To see his report in it's entirety, click on the link:


Addiction and Art Book Review


Arts & Humanities Reviews, January 2011

By Terry McMaster

Jan 15, 2011

"VERDICT: Beyond art enthusiasts, those interested in addiction or working with addicts may also be interested. An important book; recommended for all collections." —Terry McMaster, Syracuse, NY

Link to Library Journal Article

(1/16/2011) Bibliophilia includes Addiction and Art Book

big includes Addiction and Art Book in its Bibliophilia: The Best Art Books of 2010 by Bob Duggan, December 29, 2010 (Link to Article)

A quote from Mr Duggan's post: "2010 was a great year for art publishing, with many presses producing high quality works not only in terms of reproducing great art, but also in publishing important thinkers on what the art of the past and present means. Here is one reviewer's highly subjective, highly personal list (in no particular order) of some of the biggest "big thinks" in the art publishing world of the past year."

Patricia B. Santora, Margaret L. Dowell, and Jack E. Henningfield (editors), Addiction and Art (The Johns Hopkins University Press): "Science gives us the tools, but art gives the inspiration and the drive to make a difference in reducing addiction and helping people achieve recovery,"says the introduction to this important book on how art can heal. "What is more important-the tools or the drive? They are inseparable." (Link to Mr Duggan's review) (12/30/2010)

Blog Review of the Addiction and Art Book

Lee Weber author of the blog: has posted a review of the Addiction and Art Book. A quote taken from her post:: "What I like about "Addiction and Art" is that I am not overwhelmed by a sense of hopelessness, one that I assumed would dominate such a book. Instead, I found that the book evoked a full range of emotions, thoughts, and perspectives."

The book proposes using Addiction and Art shows, and her response to that is to advise her readers to take the show model and RUN with it!

This blog is a good resource for information about efforts by others to fight addiction.(11/29/2010)

Addiction and Art Book Review


The Lancet


The September 11, 2010 issue of The Lancet medical journal (Volume 376, Issue 9744, Page 864) features a review of the "Addiction and Art" book. The article, "Art About Addiction" is written by Chloe AV Hunt. She concludes that although "science and art have been at odds" throughout history, the book, "Addiction and Art" is bringing them together " help address the impact of addiction".

Ms Hunt's article can be found at

Art About Addiction

Drawing on art for understanding

An Interview with Dr Dowell about Addiction and Art
By JO-ANN GREENE, Books Editor
Lancaster News
Aug 07, 2010

The Lancaster News interview with Dr Dowell.

Addiction and Art Book Review

Blog on Addiction and Recovery
by guinevere
August 3, 2010

"This book makes a vivid and multidimensional contribution
toward shifting public perceptions of addiction away
from morality based notions and into the public health sphere.

Link to Review

Book Review: Addiction & Art

Art Serves Science:
Understanding Addiction
Through the Eyes of Artists Touched by It

"...deserves to become a bestseller".

By: Deborah Feller

July 26, 2010

San Francisco Book Review

July 22, 2010

"The book should become required reading for
drug abuse awareness programs throughout the country."

Review written by Robyn Oxborrow

An excellent article about the book

Addiction and Art

Healing Art by Mat Edelson

Johns Hopkins Magazine

June 2, 2010

can be found at: Review:

The Healing Arts: Addiction and Art

"Addiction and Art may be the most
important art book written this year."


Bob Duggan on June 28, 2010, 10:47 PM

Link to Article

Blog on Addiction and Recovery

talking about Blue Elephant and show effort.
by guinevere
June 14,2010

Addiction and Art: changing the way addicts are seen in society

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