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Last Update: February 24, 2014

Archive 2010

Welcome to the Addiction and Art Website

2010 Home Page Archive

This page contains news items issued in 2010.

Addiction Art Concept. Recent scientific findings have proven addiction to be a disease of the brain, affecting both brain and behavior. Addiction Art has the potential to take this message to the masses, most of whom still consider addiction to be a "weakness" or "moral failing" worthy of punishment. It can convey the human experience of addiction in a way that can help the general public understand addiction as a preventable and treatable chronic disease. Artworks about addiction and recovery can stimulate dialogue, can teach, and at this crucial point in history, can support contemporary scientific research for our world's well-being.

Addiction Art Downloads. This site provides free images for download relating to addiction and recovery. These works are available for use by schools, drug treatment centers, community organizations, addiction science professionals, medical professionals and the general public. These images are generously donated by artists to be shared for the good of mankind.

Addiction Art Exhibitions. Over the past several years Addiction and Art Exhibitions have been held at both professional substance abuse conferences and in local communities. All of these exhibitions have been enormously well received and extremely successful. This site exists to promote the continuation of the Addiction and Art project through the sharing of past exhibitions, providing guidelines for future ones, and offering opportunities for communication and networking.

Addiction and Art Book. Inspiration for the site comes from the book, , Addiction and Art by Patricia B. Santora, Margaret L. Dowell ( editor), and Jack E. Henningfield.

The Johns Hopkins University Press has issued a discount for purchase of the Book.

Click here to download the discount PDF

News and Announcements

Recovery Rocks

ADDICTIONANDART.ORG Salutes the Creative Efforts of the Folks at "Recovery Rocks"

Recovery Rocks

Personalized Recovery Badges!

Drug and Suicide Awareness Forum

January 9, 2011, 1 - 4 PM

The Addiction and Art Book and related artworks will be part of the forum, Real Life in Carroll County, dedicated to honoring the life of Joshua Edward Roskovensky.(12/28/2010)

  • January 9, 2011, 1 - 4 PM
  • Holy Spirit Lutheran Church
  • 2205 Old Liberty Rd.
  • Eldersburg, MD
  • 410-795-6333 Bibliophilia includes Addiction and Art Book

big includes Addiction and Art Book in its Bibliophilia: The Best Art Books of 2010 by Bob Duggan, December 29, 2010 (Link to Article)

A quote from Mr Duggan's post: "2010 was a great year for art publishing, with many presses producing high quality works not only in terms of reproducing great art, but also in publishing important thinkers on what the art of the past and present means. Here is one reviewer's highly subjective, highly personal list (in no particular order) of some of the biggest "big thinks" in the art publishing world of the past year."

Patricia B. Santora, Margaret L. Dowell, and Jack E. Henningfield (editors), Addiction and Art (The Johns Hopkins University Press): "Science gives us the tools, but art gives the inspiration and the drive to make a difference in reducing addiction and helping people achieve recovery,"says the introduction to this important book on how art can heal. "What is more important-the tools or the drive? They are inseparable." (Link to Mr Duggan's review)(12/30/2010)

ADDICTION BLOG interviews Parker Lanier an Addiction and Art Book artist.

December 5, 2010

Parker Lanier, one of Addiction and's supporting artists was interviewed by the Addiction Blog on December 5. It is an insightful interview, the following quotes will give you a hint:

"Question: ADDICTION BLOG: Do you think that art should be a "practice", or should pieces of art come when they come, without pressure."

"Answer: PARKER answer your question, it is a bit of a habit that so far as not lacked inspiration. I usually do not know where a drawing is going to go until I am half way in to it. I draw in roller ball pen and color my stuff with Sharpies. No sketches. I work without a net so to speak."

The full article is at:


Blog Review of the Addiction and Art Book

Lee Weber author of the blog: has posted a review of the Addiction and Art Book. A quote taken from her post:: "What I like about "Addiction and Art" is that I am not overwhelmed by a sense of hopelessness, one that I assumed would dominate such a book. Instead, I found that the book evoked a full range of emotions, thoughts, and perspectives."

The book proposes using Addiction and Art shows, and her response to that is to advise her readers to take the show model and RUN with it!

This blog is a good resource for information about efforts by others to fight addiction.(11/29/2010)

Effects from Womb to Adulthood

Carroll County Drug Trends Forum

The Addiction and Art Book and other addiction imagery will be utilized at "Carroll's Drug Trends: Effects from Womb to Adulthood", an event presented by Carroll County (Maryland) Annual Substance Abuse Awareness Program. This event is open to the public and is free. Doors open at 6 PM, and a program featuring keynote speaker Keith Mills, WBAL Sportscaster begins at 6:30 PM. Co-Editor of the Addiction and Art book, Dr. Margaret Dowell, will be present to discuss the book and related website. (11/04/2010)

November 16, 2010, 6 PM
St John's Portico, 47 Monroe Street, Westminster, MD
Keynote Speaker: Keith Mills, WBAL Sportscaster
Information: 410-848-6100, 410-876-1788

Addiction Artworks Utilized in Georgia Schools

Addiction and Art Imagery was used during Drug Awareness Week in October in Woodstock, Georgia. Showcases in Middle Schools (Brents Middle School / Mill Creek Middle School) included artworks downloaded from the Addiction and Art site. The displays and related powerpoint presentation were the handiwork of Friends Don't Let Friends Die. (10/26/2010)

A facebook link for your information:

Addiction Artist Donates Art To Others

Parker Lanier, an Addiction and Art Book Artist, is a recovering alcoholic who has an excellent website at:

He has generously donated his art to anyone who can use it to fight addiction of any kind.  We are featuring an image of his "Support Artists in Recovery" painting in our Download of the Day section above.  His website tells the story of his recovery and displays a lot of his artworks.   He says that when he stopped drinking he started painting and hasn't been able to quit.  We appreciate Parker for his determination to quit drinking and his generosity to others.

Upcoming: Addiction and Art Curriculum Guide

Using the Addiction and Art book for inspiration and structure, a team of individuals from Florida State University are hard at work developing a curriculum guidebook to facilitate interaction between art educators and guidance counselors when addressing addiction in schools. This impressive team consists of faculty, museum/gallery directors, film students, interns and Ph.D. students including Addiction and Art book artist, Amanda Alders. Updates on this very important project will appear on this site.

Addiction and Art Book

to be included in

Night Out Against Crime in Georgia

Organizers of Friends Don't let Friends Die ( will be utilizing the Addiction and Art book in their community outreach on October 7, 2010  during a "Night Out Against Crime" event in Cherokee County, Georgia.  This event will also feature a "pill drop" in response to the fact that in recent years overdoses involving prescription drugs have out paced overdoses from illicit drugs in Georgia.

A "pill drop" allows people to dispose of unused or expired prescriptions drugs that they may have in their home at the event on Oct. 7 for no charge.

Link to news article:

Officials Hope Pill Drop will Reduce Drug Abuse

Addiction and Art Book Review


The Lancet

The September 11, 2010 issue of the The Lancet medical journal (Volume 376, Issue 9744, Page 864) features a review of the "Addiction and Art" book.  The article, "Art About Addiction" is written by Chloe AV Hunt.  She concludes that although "science and art have been at odds" throughout history, the book, "Addiction and Art" is bringing them together " help address the impact of addiction".

Ms Hunt's article can be found at

Art About Addiction

Addiction and Art Book Review

August 13, 2010

Guinevere interviews

Addiction and Art book artist, Deborah Feller ("Toy Soldier", "The Annunciation")

The post - Sober Life: Helping Others, Loving Unconditionally

Blog on Addiction and Recovery

by Guinevere

August 3, 2010

"This book makes a vivid and multidimensional contribution toward shifting public perceptions of addiction away from morality based notions and into the public health sphere."

Link to Review

Amanda Alders, Ph.D. Candidate

Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida

Sponsors Art and Addiction YouTube Site

The show that is mentioned here took place in 2010 and is referenced on our shows archive page Here and her video is also featured on this page.

We hope MS Alders doesn't mind, here is a quote of her explanation of her work:

"In August of 2009, Johns Hopkins Innovator's Combating Substance Abuse Program sent out guidebooks to artists whose art had been published in their Addiction & Art book. This guidebook, which is available on their website, outlined how to organize a local art show on art and addiction. As a contributing artist and art therapy PhD student, the idea for a show interested me. This video tells the story of an art exhibition on the theme of drug addiction and recovery, the lives that were touched by the art and the artists who created the work."



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