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Last Update: December 21,2010


Welcome to the Addiction and Art Website

Addiction and Art is a fund under the Community Foundation of Carroll County, a charitable 501 (c) (3) organization.


Help Us Help Others

Addiction and Art is a non-profit organization developed to raise money to support the use of addiction and recovery related artworks to confront one of our world's leading health problems - substance abuse.


Funds will be utilized:

  • to supply addiction and recovery related artwork to substance abuse treatment centers, schools, community organizations, addiction science professionals, medical professionals, and the general public (worldwide).
  • to encourage and support local communities to host their own Addiction and Art exhibition (worldwide).
  • to promote and document all community based Addiction and Art efforts (worldwide).
  • to support, the web site essential to all of the above.


Addiction Facts

Substance abuse and addiction in the US:

  • account for 1 in 5 deaths annually - 500,000 persons
  • are major contributors to heart disease, cancer and stroke
  • cost over one-half trillion US dollars annually with:
    • tobacco dependence - $170 billion dollars
    • alcohol abuse and alcoholism - $180 billion dollars
    • illegal drug abuse - $185 billion dollars
    • untold and perhaps uncountable human costs.

Why Art?

  • Addiction art teaches.
  • Addiction art can change the way individuals understand substance abuse and addiction from being seen as a "moral failing" or unlawful act to being accepted as a chronic medical illness requiring treatment.
  • Addiction art stimulates dialogue.
  • Addiction art can play a practical educational role in health communications designed to prevent and control substance abuse.


Support Addiction and Art:

Donate Online

Donate by Mail:

Checks payable to: The Community Foundation of Carroll County, Inc.

Mail to:

  • The Addiction and Art Fund
  • Community Foundation of Carroll County
  • 255 Clifton Boulevard
  • Suite 313
  • Westminster, MD 21157
  • USA

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