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Last Update: September 28, 2013

Show Archive-12 Tallgrass Recovery, Sioux Falls, SD

Welcome to the Addiction and Art Website


Addiction and Art Show Archive

A compilation of information about past shows.

Tallgrass Recovery, Sioux Falls, SD



September 3, 2013


A one night showing and reception for the exhibition "What Recovery Means to You" was a success. 300 people viewed approximately 100 artworks on display. The show was held at the Exposure Gallery, 333 S. Phillips Ave., Sioux Falls, SD on September 3, 2013.

The sponsors and context of the show was explained in the call for artists:

This September, Tallgrass Recovery, Face It Together Sioux Falls, Avera, Sioux Falls Art Council, Volunteers of America, Bartels Counseling and Meaningful Medicine will present the first ever Art & Recovery show to celebrate National Recovery Month. This year’s theme will be “What Recovery Means to You”. They are looking for artists who have been affected by alcohol and drug addiction; however they define it, and are actively working towards recovery in their life. The submissions are open to anyone who has been affected by addiction.

Sioux Falls Newspaper Argus Leader ran an article about the show:

Argus Leader September 14, 2013
Art show reveals feelings about recovery
Painting is part of healing process
Written by Mark Walker

Forty of the paintings were created by teens in the Volunteers of America recovery program. While some painted graphics to express themselves, others painted a single word or phrase such as “family,” “time heals,” “one step at a time,” “mistakes” or “support.”

John Williams of Volunteers of America said it’s difficult for teens to express what they are going through, and his organization has found that giving them a creative outlet helps.

“When you can provide them another avenue to help them tell their story, it makes it easier to reach them,” he said. “One of best indicators of sustaining sobriety post-treatment is the relationship you have with your counselor while you’re in treatment, and this is just one the few outlets that help reach those adolescents."

For more information contact:Joan Swenson,

  • TallgrassRecovery
  • Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  • Admissions/Marketing/Alliance
  • (605)351-8488 cell
  • (605)368-5559 office



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