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Last Update: November 25,2010

Book Artist Links

Welcome to the Addiction and Art Website

Do you wonder what the Artists who contributed to the Addiction and Art Book are doing?
Follow the links below and find out.


Links to Addiction and Art Book Artist's Websites

Carmen Beecher
"River of Tears" Page 85

Patrick STAR27 Deignan
"Valley of the Dolls III" Page 20

Deborah Feller
"The Annunciation" Page 102 and "Toy Soldier" Page 48

Nash Hyon
"What Is a Poison? What Is a Remedy? Marijuana?" Page 72

Parker Lanier
"Get Humble Now" Page 124

Jill Nonnemacher
"Empowered" Page 86

Robb Siverson
"Now That You're Gone, I Can't Apologize" Page 46


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